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Customer Loyalty
  • Email Marketing Account
  • 100% Branded Marketing and Materials
  • Customer Acquisition Options
  • Database Management via Merchant Web Portal & Dashboard
  • Easy to Use Reporting
  • Support Staff to help you get the most of your services
  • Branded Member and Online Enrollment Sites
  • In-Store Signage
  • Our experienced staff will help to promote your loyalty program with in-store signage, campaign suggestions and marketing tips proven for success!
  82% of small businesses say loyal customers are the top way to grow the business.
Constant Contact

Offers are automated and delivered via

Direct Mail: Postcards, Newsletters or Flyers.

Email: Printable and Mobile Friendly.

Cent$ible: This recommended delivery method emails offers primarily but if a member hasn’t given you their email address, we mail the offer instead! This cost-effective solution will reach every member; no other provider offers this popular option!

Mobile App: When used with our Mobile App Service, a custom branded app will display all offers and rewards available for easy member access. Learn more about our Mobile App service HERE

Receipt Printout: Our ‘Instant Issue’ option allows for rewards to be printed on member receipts which are then valid on their next purchase.

Stored on Account: Our ‘Stored Rewards’ program allows for members to store rewards earned on their account, using them whenever they want (in partial or full increments).

Additional Options

Charitable Giving: Increase community engagement through charitable giving. An option where you can choose to donate a portion of what members spend with you to a charity of the member’s choice. Give back to the community while encouraging increased sales. Ask for details.

VIP Programs: Compensate different types of members with different loyalty benefits. Examples: members may earn an exclusive VIP status where they earn more points per dollar spent automatically after spending a certain amount or members may be enrolled into a variation of your standard program specifically for catering or contractor customers where award thresholds are set higher.

Bonus Point Specials: Drive business during slower periods by running bonus point specials. DIY setup is simple and nothing else is needed- we’ll manage applying the bonuses to transactions.

Targeting of Campaigns: Additional segmentation of offers is available based on items purchased and/or member demographic data.

  84% of global respondents are more likely to visit retailers that offer a loyalty program.
Nielsen Global Survey of Loyalty Sentiment

How it works

Customers join your loyalty program in-store, online or via your very own mobile app

Want help getting new customers in the door? We offer targeted customer acquisition mailings with FREE trials to reach new customers in your area with a special to draw them in to enroll!

Transactions and visit history will be sent to us using one of our MANY integrated POS solutions or a FREE stand-alone tablet.

Choose to reward customers based on amount of visits or amount spent as well as through event marketing such as birthday and anniversary offers, lost customer campaigns, and more! 100% FREE trials are available for our most popular direct mail campaigns and email is always FREE!

  Up to 15% of a business's most loyal customers account for 55-70% of the company's total sales.
The Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University

See how a current customer is growing their business with RepeatRewards

Discounts available for 2+ locations

Social Media Management: When used together, we promote loyalty member enrollments on social sites with promotions and social engagement with customers. Drive interaction by offering bonus point incentives.

Mobile App: When used together, members can enroll into the program through the app, access awards, update information, and more with the app. Marketing options on the app include: Click Here

Online Ordering Platform: When used together, members can earn points for purchases and use redeem offers towards online purchases.

Starts at $119/month

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