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  • FREE email templates
  • Link to share with customers who aren’t loyalty members…yet
  • Survey tracking on member/merchant site
  • Popup reminder on members site
  • Promotion on social media site(s)
  • Update to mobile app buttons
  • Easy setup: Drag + drop your questions and set it up to automatically send!
  82% of small businesses say loyal customers are the top way to grow the business.
Constant Contact
Push Notifications

Social Media Prompt

Ask for a rating and any rating above 4 will trigger them to share their review on popular social media sites

Hybrid Survey Option

Ask a series of questions and once complete you can prompt your customers to take another survey

  Typical surveys receive only a 10-15% response, incentive surveys receive
5-6 times as many responses.

Send surveys to welcome new members, after a purchase, on a recurring basis, and/or anytime you choose!
For loyalty members, you get multiple ways to survey via:


Website button on the member site

Link to share on web or social media

Mobile App

  Don’t have our loyalty program or want to survey customers who aren’t loyalty members? No problem! Setup is still the same, and you’ll receive a link you can share to get customer feedback and build your customer list.

How it works

Contact us to set up a survey. Next you’ll customize your survey with questions., comments, and ratings.

Share your survey in a variety of ways including on your member site, website, mobile app, social media, in-store signage, and more!

Reward members with bonus points or a discount! Get results with our comprehensive survey data

  Up to 15% of a business's most loyal customers account for 55-70% of the company's total sales.
The Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University

Survey your customers to help improve your business!

Discounts available for 2+ locations

Social Media Management: When used together, we promote loyalty member enrollments on social sites with promotions and social engagement with customers. Drive interaction by offering bonus point incentives.

Mobile App: When used together, members can enroll into the program through the app, access awards, update information, and more with the app. Marketing options on the app include: Click Here

Web Design & Hosting: Promote your survey offerings on your custom designed, mobile-friendly website that we can host.

Starts at $29/month

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